Garden ponds and water features to make your home or business premises look good ...

  • Garden ponds and water features can be purely decorative but also attract wildlife
  • A pond or water feature on your business premises looks impressive to visitors and clients
  • But building or maintaining a pond to a high standard needs the skills of a professional because a professional ...
  • ... can landscape your water feature to fit in with your garden or grounds
  • ... advise of the best plants to use
  • ... keep it looking good throughout the year


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Image: Commercial and domestic ponds and pond installation and maintenance, Derbyshire.

Water Features

Water features can take many forms, ranging from a large and complex system of running water and fountains to a garden pond made from a washing up bowl! Whatever your style, budget or taste, installing a water feature can have a variety of benefits. Even a moderate size pond will attract a variety of useful insects and animals that can help to control garden pests, for example, frogs attracted by your pond will eat at least some of the slugs.

Water features can also have a therapeutic effect, the sound of trickling or flowing water is known to be a soothing and relaxing sound so what better way to relax after a stressful day than to sit in the garden with the gentle sound of flowing water.

For businesses, hotels and the like, a water feature can add real drama that will impress clients on their arrival. The soothing nature of flowing eater can be beneficial to staff too, relaxing them during their breaks during the day.

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