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  • The landscaping of any garden or public area needs careful planning
  • If planning is poor, the final result can look disjointed
  • Garden landscaping involves both plants and architectural elements
  • A Landscape Gardener will choose both that are appropriate to your garden or public area in or near to the Derby area
  • He or she will then help you to decide how to arrange your features for best effect
  • Leaving you with a neat, attractive and impressive professionally landscaped garden


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Landscaping tips

Whatever the size of your garden, you can dive straight into landscaping it. Right? No! The design needs to be thought out carefully, this is especially true for a small town garden. You might think that a small garden would be easier as it is on a smaller scale. If anything, it is more difficult. Above all, let the garden area talk to you. Consider where the sunny spots and the shady areas are, then you can begin to decide what to do with them. Will you have a decking or paved area? A water feature? Foliage planting. Then you have to think about the shape of the plot to be landscaped. Think about whether your landscaping plan will use the wider landscape surrounding the garden or if it will be self contained. Having a theme is pretty much essential otherwise the garden could look 'cobbled together'.

One aspect of landscaping that can be neglected is to take into account the garden users and how they will use it. It may look nice but is it to be a practical garden or just for show? If you have pets, will they wreck it or have you built in area that they will enjoy, thus leaving the more decorative areas undisturbed?

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Landscape Gardening ...

The term Landscape Gardening arose in the 18th century and was used to describe the designing of the grand English gardens of stately homes and the like with their long sweeping lawns, serpentine ponds and carefully arranged statues, trees and borders. Probably the best known English Landscape Gardener was Capability Brown. More recently, landscaping and landscape gardening refers to gardens on a more modest scale. Garden contractors are often referred to as landscape gardeners because they apply the principles of the great gardeners like Brown to much smaller gardens - even a small urban garden can be 'landscaped'.

It is possible and indeed very satisfying to landscape your own garden. However, DIY landscaping is seldom as good as letting the professionals do the job for you. For a start, it will be completed faster and more efficiently that an amateur could do the job. A good landscape gardener will have a natural artistic flair with an ability to visualise the finished garden. They will be able to communicate it clearly and confidently to the client. As well as the artistic side, landscaping needs a more analytical, almost mathematical approach too. A well landscaped garden will lead the eye naturally from one feature to the next, the perspective needs to work. Professionals will also get things in proportion - a tendency with amateur landscapers is to overlook the size of features and the architectural plants, selecting items that are either too small or too large.

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