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  • Storage of gardening items can be a problem
  • Some people are lucky enough to have an outbuilding ...
  • ... or even a large garage for storage of garden tools, mower etc ...
  • ... but for those of us who haven't, a garden shed is the solution
  • There are sheds of all shapes and sizes to suit virtually every situation
  • Here is some information that could help you to decide which is for you


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Garden sheds are available in variety of materials, sizes, shapes, and styles. Primarily, they are used for storing gardening equipment and tools. But, you can put them to various uses. For instance, you can use a garden shed as a greenhouse for growing plants or a den for pursuing your hobbies like craft making, gardening, and carpentry. You can also convert it into a summerhouse or children's playhouse when required.

But if you don't really want to splash out on a proper shed, you could purchase a cheaper metal or polypropylene lockable storage cabinet for probably half the price of a shed.

You should choose a garden shed depending upon its intended purpose. Here are some important points that you should consider when buying one. Size Garden sheds come in sizes varying from 4 ft × 6 ft to 10 ft × 10 ft. You should choose a structure that can easily accommodate your stuff and give ample room to you to carry out your activities. While checking the size, you should pay attention to the height as well. You should be able to stand properly inside the shed. If you are planning to store some big equipment, you should measure it to ensure that it fits in well.

The shed should be able to accommodate several vertical shelves for easy storage. The bigger the structure, the more it would cost. But you should properly assess your requirements to ensure that you buy the right-sized shed in the first time itself. Else, you may end up spending more if you will have to buy a larger shed after a few years or you will have to buy a second one.

Material - Garden sheds are commonly available in wood, metal, and plastic. Each material has its pros and cons. Wood is a natural material and can blend well in garden surroundings. But, wooden garden sheds require high maintenance and are costlier than plastic and metal sheds. Plastic structures are cost-effective and require least maintenance. Their only drawback is that they are not environment-friendly. Metal structures are resistant to termites and rot, but they can rust after sometime. Moreover, metal sheds become quite hot in summers and cold during winters. Depending upon the climate of your area and how you intend to use your shed, you should choose an appropriate material.

Style - Depending upon the style, garden sheds can be classified as apex and pent.

* Apex: It is the most common and economical type of sheds available. It has triangular or inverted "V" slopes. Depending upon the size, it may or may not have windows. Its door is located on the front gable.

* Pent: Unlike apex, this structure has a single slope with the slope's highest point in the front and the door is positioned in one of the main walls. Apart from these, you could also choose from flat-roofed, saltbox roof, and hipped roof depending upon your choice and needs.

Buying garden sheds is easy these days. There are many online stores that sell different types of garden buildings, garden summerhouses, and children playhouses, to suit different tastes, budget, and requirements. Before buying, you should compare the rates, including the shipping costs, of a few firms to avoid over-paying for your product. Timberland Sheds has a wide range of garden sheds, summerhouses, and children's playhouses. Garden Sheds from Timberland Sheds in the UK offer free delivery on Wooden Garden Sheds UK. Also, supplying Garden Summerhouses and Childrens Play Houses. (Article from

Selecting the Right Sized Garden Shed

Finding a garden shed that will be just the right size for your yard and your needs can be easier than you might think. Garden sheds are available in a variety of widths and depths, as well as heights, to provide a wide array of options for homeowners. With so many options available, how do you know which garden shed is the right size for you?

There are some basic considerations that play into the selection of garden sheds. Answering a few simple questions can help you to narrow down your choices and get a better idea of the size you want for your garden shed. The first question you might want to resolve is where the garden shed will fit in the yard. It is important to make sure that the shed you purchase will not be too large for the yard. You will also want to make sure that it is located where you want it. Some people place a garden shed close to the house, while others prefer to locate the garden shed close to the back fence or in other spots that work better for them.

Once you have decided where you would like to have the garden shed located, you can measure the available space to get a basic idea of what size sheds will fit there. Next you might want to decide on the type of garden shed you will place in your yard. If you are planning on a kit that you will assemble, you will want to know whether the kit will include a floor or if you will need to have a cement pad poured for the garden shed to rest on.

With this information, you can begin to look at shed kits that will fit in your chosen area of the yard. If you plan to purchase a prefabricated shed that includes a floor, you will not need to worry about pouring a pad for the shed. Once you know where the garden shed will go and whether you will buy a kit or a ready-made shed, you can begin to determine how much storage space you want to have inside the shed. Knowing what you want to store in your garden shed can help guide you to select the appropriate size. If you will be using it strictly for gardening and all you want to store in it is small hand tools and potting materials, you may want to choose a smaller shed.

If you plan to store all your garden tools including a lawn mower or possibly a wheel barrow, you will need a larger garden shed. If you plan to hang lots of your tools or would like to store things on high shelves, you may be interested in a taller garden shed that will provide some storage space above the other items. Knowing where your garden shed will be placed, what type of shed you want to buy and what storage capacity you want will help you to select the right sized garden shed for your yard and needs. (article source)

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