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  • An integral part of any garden landscaping design is a deck
  • It can provide a very useful space for relaxing or entertaining
  • Decking needs to be erected properly if it is to look good and last for years
  • Fitters will assess the best type of decking for your particular needs and ...
  • ... build a beautiful deck to a high standard of workmanship ...
  • ... for durability and leaving you with a neat and attractive finish to your garden


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Decking Tips ...


Make sure that your decking is constructed on a sound surface with a solid frame to support it. If necessary, prepare some form of foundation for the main supports. Lay a weed suppressing membrane below the decking as it is difficult to get rid of the weeds once the decking is in place. Leave a gap between the planks or decking squares to allow for expansion and contraction, this also helps with drainage. If the decking is adjacent to your house, make sure there is a very slight slope away from the building to prevent dampness in the wall after heavy rain. Make sure that the decking does not bridge the damp course of the wall. Clean the decking regularly otherwise it can become very slippery as it gets coated in algae. There are plenty of decking cleaners available, for example Deck & Fence Magic Algae and Moss Killer at (currently) under a tenner from These concentrates can be very effective when used with a specially designed Deck Scrubber. If you insist on using hardwood for your decking, please ensure that it is from a sustainably managed source. Most are, but it is always worth asking to make sure. Use teak oil to preserve hardwood decking or an appropriate decking paint for softwood. Always use the best materials that are within your budget. If the decking is raised, consider some sort of barrier, that does not need to be a railing, large potted plants will suffice.

Decking Design

The location of a decking is important. If it is to disguise a manky corner of the garden, that will dictate its location, otherwise, if you have the choice, place your decking where it is sheltered from the wind and sunny. Also consider the access. Your decking will probably be used for entertaining during the summer months, or for eating out in nice weather. If you have to carry food and utensils the length of the garden that can be a pain. You may have little choice but certainly you should give it consideration. If your garden does not have much shelter, think about how that can be done. There are various types of fencing that can be used but why not consider some dense shrubs. The latter has the benefit of softening the decked area. That may not be appropriate though in a contemporary small town garden. If you use planking for your decking, consider whether it should be laid in a single pattern or in such a way as to give some contrast. Should it be laid diagonally? How will it draw the eye down the garden? How will it integrate with the overall design. Above all, avoid a square deck, that is seldom very interesting, try to make it more dynamic, e.g. leave a square off centre into which you can set a large architectural plant. Extra interest can be added using Solar Powered Deck Lights or LED Decking Lights which run off a 12 volt supply.


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