There are many reasons why you might need a gardener or gardening services ...

  • Is keeping a full time gardener too costly for your hotel or small business?
  • Are you short of ideas for that all-important garden re-design?
  • Do you have so much on that you just don't have the time to garden?
  • Are you no longer able to do the garden yourself?
  • Have you just moved in to your new home?
  • Is your home up for sale and you want the garden looking good - fast?
  • Are you thinking about changing the layout or planting in your garden?
  • Does your garden need a little seasonal or general maintenance?


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Image: Garden in the East Midlands.

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Free Gardening tips ...

Garden storage - always lift and dry out bulbs that need to be stored for the winter. The best way of drying and storing bulbs is in wooden boxes or bulb storage trays that allow the air to circulate. Air circulation is crucial as otherwise the bulbs could turn mouldy and rot. They should be stored in a cool dry location. Seeds need to be strored in dry cool conditions, an old bread bin or card index boxes are fine otherwise you can buy seed storage boxes that are specifically designed for the purpose.

Watering - Avoid watering in strong sunlight, water droplets on the leaves of plants act as miniature magnifying glasses and very soon, your plants will be damaged.

Planting out your garden plant purchases - When planting out from pots, always make sure that the plant has been well watered beforehand. Allow the plant time to take up the water before starting. As a rule of thumb, if the plant grows from a crown, make sure that the crown is not covered with soil after planting. If it grows from a stem, it is generally fine to plant deeper than it was in the pot - many plants will respond by putting out new roots from the stem, anchoring it better and giving it a larger root system through which water and nutrients can be absorbed.

Plant bulbs for spectacular colour and blooms at any time of the year - Bulbs from Crocus can give you a little extra splash of colour at any time of the year. Most bulbs are associated with spring such as crocus, daffodil and tulip but remember, there are other more exotic types of bulb such as Iris, Trillium and Lilium (care with the latter as some are toxic to your pets), wildlife friendly such as allium and anemone and Iris and Gladioli which look great next to a patio or Garden Shed.

Garden pest control - Instead of spraying your plants to control garden pests, why not try out companion planting. It is not a new idea but is not widely used as the chemical companies have conditioned us gardeners to using their products. The classic example is using French marigolds which emit a strong smell that is repugnant to both greenfly and blackfly. Here is the Wikipedia entry for companion planting.

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